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Herb growing tips

Adding herbs to your garden this year? Let’s talk about our veggies and herbs. All those tender crops like melons and tomatoes can be put outside after the last frost. Usually that’s mid-May here in upstate New York. What better time to share some herb growing tips!    What chef wants to be without fresh herbs? I like […]
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Landscape Design Tips – Room with a view

Your view of your home’s gardens and landscaping matters When you check into a hotel, the rooms with a garden view are always better than those facing the parking lot or  dumpster. And the rooms with a view of the beach are better than those overlooking the gardens. It matters because beautiful views often come at a premium. Landscape design is […]
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Fence alternatives that add privacy and beauty

Now you see it, now you don’t! Very often, we’re asked to block an unpleasant view and are delighted to share the many fence alternatives that can be considered.  Maybe your neighbor has garbage cans showing. Or you’d rather not view cars whizzing by. Or maybe you’re not an exhibitionist and you’d prefer not have your neighbors […]
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Mulching, top tips for choosing and applying mulch the right way

Mulch, a gardeners BFF!   It’s that time of year to clean, weed and mulch. Mulch is the best! There’s nothing like a freshly mulched bed. The rich color, the earthy fragrance. Last year, my neighbor got her mulching done before I did, and I coveted her mulch.  Is that strange? Twin Oaks Landscape applies a […]
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